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joins us live. nice to see you always. i wish it wasn't under these circumstances. we heard from mayor bloomberg that if there are going to be any changes to the rules as far as the air traffic above the skies of new york city and manhattan, the area you preside over, it will have to come from the federal government. what kind of changes would you like to see federal authorities put in place? >> first of all, there is going to be an investigation and that investigation will take some time. but the reality is this is not the first time we've had an accident in the burroughs of manhattan. with a small plane. today it was a helicopter and a small plane. we've had loss of life. i think we have to start digging deeper and figuring out do we have the best safety protocol in place to deal with the skies which are full of small planes and helicopters and underneath that, are millions of new yorkers who look up hoping that the sky is safe and when we see a tragedy like this, we shouldn't wait for an investigation to be complete. the federal government should be meeting tomorrow morning. i'm goi
for the opportunity to have worked with him in the united states congress as his colleague. i admit, i used to hang on to his t-shirt and his coat sleeve on the capitol when i was just a little boy. so when i got a chance to serve on capitol hill, all i needed to do was set my compass to the principles of his life. my father and i were the primary sponsors of the mental health parity and addiction equity act which was signed in law last year. this bill represented not only a legal victory for 54 million americans with mental illness who are being denied equal health insurance, but as one of those 54 million americans, i felt he was also fighting for me to help ease the burden of stigma and shame that acompanies treatment. i will really miss working with dad. i will miss my dad's wonderful sense of self-deprecating humor. when the far right made dad their poser child for their attack ads he used to say, we kennedys sure bring out the best in people. (laughter) >> and when he first got elected and my cousin joe was a member of congress and i came to congress, dad finally celebrated, saying, finally,
morning, again, everyone. i'm rick. >> i'm jamie colby. good to have you with us as the president heads on the vacation. number two on the healthcare reform push drops the bombshell. no public option to. now, the question about the controversial part of the healthcare reform push were dominating the sunday talk shows, even before the sebelius news broke. caroline shively joins us from the bureau in washington, d.c. this is a bombshell, caroline. i'm curious whether killing the pub llic insurance option, turning it to to cocan op helps or hurt the bill's chances? >> it will do both. on the senate side, it would absolutely help. on "fox news sunday," ken conrad, democrat, gang of six, bipartisan group in the finance committee negotiating this. he says there are not votes for the public option on this side of thing on the senate. so he came up with the idea for non-profit co-op run by the companies. the insurance company instead of government getting involved. it would help on the senate side. opponents of healthcare should take a look at it. if you look at the house side, three committees
for children. although i think he used to be a lot funnier when he was a republican. it took in $2,000. the senator may be going back to scenes like those town hall meetings. >>> this is a fox news alert. hurricane bill churning off the east coast as it surges north over the atlantic. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> hurricane bill creating rough waves. the storm is losing some strength. it's now downgraded to a category 1 storm. as it's moving a little north over cooler waters. safety officials in new england are urging extreme caution for folks in the area as bill is drawing near. domenica davis is in the fox weather center with the latest. hi. >> yes, this advisory came in, they have downgraded bill to a category 1, which is good news because it's 300 miles to the south of nantucket and that means it will make a pass to the east of the island late this evening, tomorrow. heavy swell also start to move in. that will be the name of the game, heavy rain bands moving through and as we've been looking at the pictures,
in tact. so it gives us a sense how deadly this plane crash was, how dangerous it could have been here for those on the shore. there are no reports of injuries my cameraman is going to push in on the action happening behind us. you can see that neon orange balloon floating in the water. that is marker where they have found some type of debris. you can see the boats, new york police departments are the white and blue ones and gray and orange boats are coastguard. they have been in and out of the water. scuba divers with the nypd all day long. we've seen them pulling out baskets the sides of a stretcher. we cannot fell from our vantage point what they are pulling out. we have heard that at least two bodies have been recovered. on the other side of the river, you heard the mayor saying this was not a survivable crash. five italian tourists and one pilot was in tour helicopter. and the others in the small plane. this is a dangerous part of the hudson river. water is very deep and murky, 60 feet in some places that we are watching this effort going on right now. there are a lot of questions
you trust more, your insurance company or the government. >> tweet us at "got one that said, i think the question would be better posed who are you more afraid of the health insurance companies or its government. >> i think the poll is on that. >> julie: we'll be talking to scott rasmussen about what americans will be thinking about right now. >> trace: it's considering taking over such a personal issue of our life. it's very scary. >> gregg: police making an arrest in a frightening and bizarre attack on the mayor. tom barrett recovering in the hospital he was beaten with a metal pipe. he was attacked last night as he was leaving wisconsin state fair with his family. the mayor had just come to the aid of a woman when she was attacked by the pipe wielding suspect and then pounced on barrett and struck him repeatedly. mayor's brother had this to say a short time ago. >> she in stable condition. i have talked to him personally. he has a good sense of humor. he is -- he is great brother. he is good shape. he'll be fine. he did sustain some pretty significant injuries.
within the last two dagens, when he did the two town hall events. >> rick: tell us the -- i read the press release yesterday and the town would be holding a town hall on health insurance reform, the new name of the game now. and talking about health insurance reform, and not health care reform, tell us about this strategy there. >> reporter: well, the white house basically is saying a huge portion of health care reform is basically fixing the insurance industry, and the way insurance is hand here in the u.s., and the president now has basically made the insurance company the enemy in a lot of this and several people in the town halls the past couple of days have called him out on it saying is that really fair and how are the insurance companies going to survive if you provide a public option so he has been called on it several times but he basically said there are millions of americans struggling with the system that is better set up for the insurance companies, than it is for average americans. some of the polling suggests that some people, while they'd like to see health insura
is the necessary useful and very important aspect of this, but we're going to have to see because there are many other important aspects of the bill, as well. >> further complicating things, democratic negotiators say there is no support for option in their body. three democrats and three republicans on the senate finance committee were trying to negotiate. they have until september 15 to come up with plan. if they miss the plan democratic leaders will who have without them and get the passage with no republican votes. >> gregg: thanks. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to war stories and for all your headlines, all you have to do is log on to you're watching fox news, most powerful name in news. >> julie: no one is immune to it. among those seduced by the lifestyle, are beauty queens, cops and politicians. it's been called a narco insurgency, gun fights among heavily armed gun car tells have killed thousands. violence has spiraled out of control and threatened to spill across our border. narco terrorists have infiltrated 230 american cities. one of them is this person on interview. they
>> save it for next week. >> eric: thank you. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. thank you for watching. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. shannon bream takes you from here. america's news headquarters continues from washington. have a great day. >> shannon: a wildfire north of los angeles is threatening 10,000 homes. it tripled in size yesterday to more than 3500 acres. at least three homes have been destroyed and 1,000 homes have been evacuated. the u.s. forest service calls the fire "the perfect storm" of fuels, weather and topography. first we begin with a fox news exclusive. former vice president dick cheney hasn't minced words in his criticism of the obama administration. and now he's blaming the justice department after attorney general eric holder went forward with a probe of the c.i.a. molly has more from washington -- malani wilkes has more from washington. >> they called at it terrible decision to appoint a special prosecution. saying that the obama administration is caving to pressure from the left wing of the democratic party and calls the i
of dollar, this is a good pick. >> terry: it is risky. that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. have a great widen weekend. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. we are just getting videotape of a crash of a belo russian fighter jet. it happened in poland. it was performing maneuvers. we're going to try to get more information. we're also hearing from police regard the jadee dugard kidnapping case. they are focusing their investigation on two suspects, philip garrido and his wife. they are digging in the backyard where jaycee and two daughters were allegedly being kept in a makeshift compound of tents and sheds and a whole lot more. we're going to continue follow what is happening. we'll bring that you news conference as soon as it begins. >>> another fox news alert. wildfires in california threatening 12,000 homes. 6,000 of those homeowners are under mandatory evacuation order as the flames are closing in. the unpredictable fire is spreading in all directions. schwarzenegger says 2200 firefighters are battling the flames and he is urging them to heed authorities' warnings. live from ca
for joining us and have a great weekend. >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting a news conference from the national transportation safety board. officials are expected to gi an update on the deadly midair collision over the hudson river. i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. the associated presses recording the police department has located wreckage from the small plane that slammed into a tour khp chopper yesterday. so far divers have pulled five bodies from the waters. another four are believed to be missing. they recovered a pete's sightseeing helicopter. three people aboard the plane have been identified as members of a pennsylvania family. laura ingle is in new jersey and joins us live with the latest on the recovery effort. >> we are getting word that the search for the small plane that has been going on all day long and they have found the small aircraft just a little north of where we witnessed the helicopter coming out, at least part of it a short time ago. we had dramatic type tape of when the dievsz found the plane using a large crane off a huge boat. they we
their constituents and most are talking about costs? >> that's correct. what polls have shown us. people are month more concerned of cost of health care overall and the desire, they north concerned was w access to health care or the quality of health care. they are really concerned that costs keep going up and they don't get any more for paying more. what necessity real wanted to see is what they like about the health care system preserved and what they don't like, costs, lowered. its old jock about congress, everybody hates congress but they love their congressman. that is how people feel about health care in this country. >> gregg: are people saying, look i don't buy the presidents argument it's not going to cost us something. he claims this is going to be monetarily neutral, it's not going going to increase the deficit. people don't buy that, do they? >> no, not in part. and the president is concerned that we have a rising deficit and the president is asking the country to spend more money. she saying spend that go money in the short term is going to save the country money in the long term, but
the counseling sessions could be used to ration care for seniors or anyone else? >> the american medical association endorsed the bill. this has done tremendous service to public. one thing that august has done is with all the counterclaims that are going on and claims and the mythology, it's forcing people to get educated on the bill. that is what is happening. one thing we noticed is we get a lot of calls from the members. often they're not happy when they get the calls. we have a spike of people for the basic information, that tells you they are asking tough questions and want to learn about what is in the bill. >> shannon: thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> in a sign of the economic times the city of chicago is hanging out closed for business side. city hall, public library, health clinics and most city offices are closed for day tomorrow in part of the effort to reduce the budget by $8 million. while most city employees have the day off without pay, police and firefighters will still be on the job. parts of florida are under tropical storm warning at this hour. new depres
you a great day. thank you for joining us. >> eric: take care. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. crash above the hudson. photographs, exclusive to fox news, show the tragic moment when a single engine airplane collided with a tour helicopter sending them both plummeting to the hudson river below. nine people are feared dead. ongoing investigation continues to unveil brand new information about just what happened. good afternoon from washington. i'm shannon bream. we continue to follow the news from new york where the airplane went down 24 hours ago. laura ingle on the jersey side of the hudson river. what can you tell us about the latest efforts there? >> we have watched the divers all morning long and i learned family members of the helicopter pilot are across the river in new york city at the medical examiner's office. they have the grim task of identifying their loved one. other family members of the other victims have been there as well and we understand that the italian tourists, family members of the italian tourist at the medical examiner's office last night as well. five
who standing by to go on the record. thank you for being with us. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, it's been a mystery for nearly two decades. captain michael scott speicher a u.s. navy pilot shot down back in 1991-his remains never found until now. we've got some new information to share with you. it is bringing his family some closure. the families first public statement in a couple of minutes. >> julie: tragedy at a music festival. an outdoor stage comes crashing down killing one person and injuring more than 70 others. >> gregg: a massive forest fire, raging out of control. take a look at this. we're going to tell you where several thousand people had to go to dodge this massive fire. >> julie: our first and top story, he was the first american soldier lost in the gulf war and for nearly two decades no one knew whether he was alive or dead. now, the mystery is finally over. pentagon says the remains of the pilot captain michael scott speicer has been identified. his plane was shot
. good to see you. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the news continues in washington with shannon bream live for you right now. keep it on fox. thank you for joining us today. have a great day. >> shannon: new information today on what critics call the death book. it's a 52-page manual veterans affairs is using for end-of-life counseling for the nation 24 million veterans. critics say the message it gives to severely injured vets is hurry up and die. a top v.a. official who was injured in battle says it's not true. a prominent senator is calling for hearings. i'm shannon bream live in washington for the next two hours. all the new developments in the study were on fox news sunday with chris wallace. caroline shively joins us from washington with details. >> hi to you, shannon. the controversy is over a booklet on the v.a. website called "your life, your choice." veterans can use it to decide what they want for end-of-life care, to figure out how they want things handled by their doctors. one part of the booklet, it lists different health scenarios you ca
will consider using existing stimulus money that's already been appropriated to finish up cash for clunkers program. no new money." earlier she wrote -- "we put a billion dollar in cash for clunker program, that's 250,000 cars. we weren't sure how long it would last. but a billion of your money is a lot." the senate is expected to take up the issue later this week. plan that you get money if you trade in an old car and the gas mileage must be 18 miles per gallon or less. now to healthcare changes as congress goes to summer vacation. the debate heads back to main street. a recent poll shows a growing number of americans are worried that the democratic plan will meet increase -- mean increase cost and restrictions on healthcare. senator jim demint suggesting the real battle democrats may face is with voters back home. >> you will see americans take to the streets and go to town hall. i think they'll let the congress and senators know they need to keep their hands off the healthcare. >> eric: bring in joe sestak in. welcome to fox news. >> good to be here. >> eric: same to you. you know the he
in the u.s. but the category two storm is creating high surf and strong rip currents all along the eastern seaboard. tropical storm warning is in effect for the state of massachusetts. domenica davis is tracking it all for us. >> yes, a category two and it's expected to pass several hundred miles to the east of cape cod. it's expected to make the closest path to the united states and then first thing tomorrow morning. it's sitting 400 miles south of nantucket and continue on the northeasterly trek for the next few days. it's going to be category one by sunday morning. winds go down to 85 miles an hour. right now we are looking 100 mile-an-hour winds moving off to the north at 23 miles per hour. again, by tonight that is when the ca mechb islands is going to get hit with the heaviest rain. although the winds aren't really the big concern here it's going to be the wave heights, ocean flow and rip currents. so really be the big deal up and down the east coast. here is what we're looking at dangerous surf, 12-18, 15-22 up through new england. we do have our tropical storm warnings that are in
our nation healthcare system. good morning, everyone. great to have you with us. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. lawmakers turning up the heat on the debate on the sunday talk show circuit. look at wisconsin congressman paul lion who was on "fox news sunday" talking about why we're seeing such outrage at the town hall meetings. >> it seems that the rhetoric that was used to sell this plan is completely disconnected and contrary to the substance of the plan. when you put this in context of what has happened this year, bank bail-out, government take-over of auto companies, massive borrowing and deficit and now a huge takeover of the healthcare sector, making the fiscal situation worse, not better. that's not my words, but according to the congressional budget office, that has people up arms and has people coming to the town hall meetings worried about the legislation rushed through congress. >> eric: for the latest on healthcare reform, go to caroline shively in the washington bureau. caroline, there is a new call now we hear this morning to drop the government run health
thank you for joining us as always. from both of us. take care. >> shannon: new on fox today, 18-year-old mystery solved. remains of navy captain speicher identified in iraq. he was shout down in a -- shot down in combat mission over iraq january 17, 191991, the first night of operation desert storm. iraqi citizens led u.s. marines to his remains and a positive i.d. made by comparing captain speicher dental records with jawbone found in the iraqi desert. hello. i'm shannon bream. live from washington for the next two hours. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin broke the news about captain speicher this morning and joining us live on the phone. his plane was shot down 18 years ago. why so long to get to this point? >> it's amazing that there have been many attempts to find him over the years and false leads. initials were carved in iraqi prison cell that made some in the military think perhaps he was alive. it's been a roller coaster for his family. in 1995, the international red cross and team of army and navy specialists were allowed by saddam hussein to go
now? is he okay? okay. he's okay. >> join us for the after the show show. >> clayton: other footage, we couldn't show you, "fox & friends."com, right now. >> eric: this is a "fox news alert," a warning this morning from former vice president dick cheney. he says that the prosecution of cia agents over enhanced interrogation of terror suspects is putting or nation's security at risk. in an explosive and exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" host chris wallace, mr. cheney called the investigation, quote, an outrageous political act. and he says he has serious doubts about president obama and his -- in his words, is prepared to do what needs to be done to protect the nation. saying the obama administration should be debriefing cia interrogators about keeping the country safe, not punishing them. >> we asked... sometimes people put their own lives at risk and do so at the direction of the president, they do so with the, in the case we have specific legal authority from the justice department and they are now going to be subject to being investigated an prosecuted by the next admini
aircraft can fly uncontrolled by aircraft control. there is a common frequency used on the hudson river, a separate one for the east river. pilots that fly in this area all the time pretty much always use those frequencies to announce where they are and to listen to find out where other people are. when they are going by 34th street or 30th street on the west side or wall street, helicopters can land. helicopter pilots pretty much always describe where they are, what altitude and which direction they are going to ensure separation. that is probably not anywhere near as true with airplanes that fly through the area not very frequently. there is no requirement that they do that, although common sense and the maps show what those frequencies are. >> is there any indication the plane was flying too low or why it would be flying so low? >> we don't know what altitude. the corridor is probably a thousand on feet or below. helicopters can go all the way down to the water because they have to land on the pier. there is a maximum altitude restrictions. minimums tend to be staying away from the s
gave us the legal opinion, threatening contrary to what the president originally said. >> jamie: good morning, everybody. much more on that story. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. the vice president giving that explosive excusive interview aired on "fox news sunday" this morning. he calls the investigation into the c.i.a. purely political and claims president obama, in his words, is not prepared to do what is needed to proect the nation. live in our washington bureau, with the latest. what else did the former vice president say? >> good morning. the former vice president called the investigation of the c.i.a. interrogation technique asterable decision. he thinks it's a political move that the obama administration is caving to pressure from the left wing of the party and think it will be an enormous blow to morale of the c.i.a. more of the interview -- >> it's a very devastating effect, i think, it has on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume they're going to be dealing with the political consequences -- it's clearly a political move. there is no other ratio
and play some of that video from iowa. he indeed said some the people were using "scare tactics," misinformation and obstruction calling it a nationally coordinated effort to disrupt the meetings. let's play a little more of the harken meeting. well, what i can tell you is mr. harken -- i apologize. we don't have the tape for you. he said he thinks the vast majority of americans will see healthcare reform as a good thing. several more weeks to go before they head back to d.c., guys. probably much of this over the next few weeks. >> eric: talk about several more weeks, there is a lot of emotion at the meeting for both sides. what does it mean for legislation when lawmakers get back last month? >> if this anger level stays this high -- we have more than a month before they return to d.c., but it could be tough for some of the middle of the road democrats to come back here and support at least the house legislation, which is reportedly more liberal than what the senate finance committee is working on there. there is a potential if it stays at the high anger level to push it a bit
served 47 years in the u.s. senate, making what many say is a profound impact on u.s. life. president obama delivered the eulogy today at senator kennedy's funeral, let's take a listen. >> while he was seen by fiercest critics as a partisan lightning rod, that's not prism through which ted kennedy saw the world, nor was it the prism through which his colleagues saw ted kennedy. he's a product of an age when the joy and noebbility of politics, difference of party and platform and philosophy, and a barrier or mutual respect. a time when adversaries, still saw each other at patriots. >> president obama also saying that senator kennedy was, quote, the greatest legislatulegislator of our time and now the man known as the lion of the senate will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery in virginia. he will be buried near his two brothers, president john f. kennedy and senator robert kennedy later today. now, senator kennedy's remains are right now en route to andrews air force base and that is where molly henneberg is standing by and molly, what do we expect when senator ted kennedy's
freedom." thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >>> hugs, kisses and hero's welcome for terrorist. the only man convicted of a bombing in pan am 103 is given royal treatment in libya. top officials in britain are having to explain their role securing his release. i'm shannon bream live in washington. outrage over the joyous welcome given to the terrorist givterror ist given to the man convicted of killing 250 people. amy ke can loll is following the story from london. she has the latest. hi, amy. >> the latest is the f.b.i. director has taken an unusual step writing a scathing letter to the man who made the decision to release megrahi. the scottish justice minister saying it's made a mockery of justice. the original homecoming was sensitive enough to people and leaders in the u.s. and the u.k., but some are saying that coural ch cou colonel gad there. last night, gadhafi went to al megrahi's home to greet him. megrahi has given a lengthy interview to the london times. and prospect of lucrative deals had much to do with the release of the only man convicted in bombin
the northeastern border from iraq. the news comes amid a very contentious relationship between the u.s. and iran. david piper has the latest from baghdad. >> iran's state run media says the three u.s. tourists arrested north of the country near the border. the state department says they are well. the tourists were staying in a hotel. iran state tv says they crossed the border and were arrested by border guards after refuse to go heed warnings. the kurdish authorities confirmed the arrests. they lost contact and made contact to a friend. the arrests come at a time when there is tension high over tehran's nuclear program and controversial elections there. as for being a tourist in iraq, yes, indeed, tourists come here because it's safe tore travel and there are regular flights from turkey. back to you. >> thank you very much. iran also conducting a mass trial for about 100 people arrested during political protests in june. leading reformists stand accused of trying to topple the government. they include former minister, former vice president, lawmakers. the protests erupted after opposition suppor
>> dave: i need a -- foxdavebriggs, two or three. >> clayton: join us for the after the show show and we'll read your e mace, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. >> julie: tiger woods tomorrow on the weekday show, check it out. >> jamie: this is a "fox news alert," there is growing outrage over the lockerbie bomber and now a call for a u.n. resolution that is condemning libya for the hero's homecoming they gave a convicted -- >> eric: a flag waving confetti throwing crowd as abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi arrived home as you can see to cheering crowds that included the leader of libya, libyan leader moammar gadhafi on the left and he was embraced by gadhafi him search a spectacle branded this morning as sickening and all of this proof that libya still has a, quote, love affair with terrorism, says senator charles schumer and is calling for u.n. security council resolution condemning libya, but goes who is the member of the security council? libya. >> jamie: good morning, everyone i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric sean and many say it was bad enough scotland decided to frae
will show kept us from melting down and then we had a tarp plan, which led to the point of not letting the stock market break down. my problem is that the free market now has a chance to take a hold and we're hitting the bottom of the housing market because free market people are going into to buy. all the obama plans didn't work. >> look at cash for clunkers alone. >> we're actually going to get into that at the bottom of the show. hold on, everybody! you know what? our producers are so smart, they were actually going to do a beautiful segue into cash for clunkers coming up next, but thanks, guys. coming up 15 minutes from now -- >> you know, politicians say these angry healthcare protestors are just faking it, but neil's gang has proof they are as real as real can be. you will see it at the bottom of the hour. but first, cash for clunkers. we promised. all that taxpayer green was supposed to get americans to buy green cars, but have you seen what people are really buying? >> this is a fox news alert, sonia sotomayor has been sworn in as the supreme court's first hispanic supreme cour
yesterday. >> and that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you're saving here, you're saving over there, you're going to take a little money here, a little money there, but you have no money. >> you're absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. you're right. >> even some republicans are facing confrontation al crowds in their towns. senator chuck grassley is coming to the table with democrats. a larger theme in many of these forums is mistrust of big government solutions and republicans are hammering that message. >> unfortunately the path we aren't taking in washington is to spend another trillion dollars for taxpayer money to further expand the role of the federal government. >> the president is taking the family to yellowstone park and tomorrow, visit the grand canyon. >> malini wilkes. a related story caught my attention. pennsylvania, 19-term john murtha says it's unlikely congress will pass health care legislation this year. an interview with wjpa radio in washington, pennsylvania, most members are telling hous
terry: you're not buying it. that's it for "cost of freedom" block. thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> movement on massive extremely expensive health care reformulate last night. there were wee hour changes it a sweeping health care reform bill that will send it to the house for a full debate. not until the house members return to a late summer break. >> and late night concerns, the democrats on board with president obama's number one priority right now and now, the ball is in the senate's court. you'll have a week to get it out of the finance committee. do americans want health care reform and what's it going to cost us? hello, and welcome to america's news headquarters, live from new york for the next two hours, i'm jamie colby. >> i'm rick folbaum. nice to be with you, jamie. >> nice to see you, rick. >> the bill didn't get any republican support. >> not at all. >> some lawmakers say the legislation could shake up a huge portion of this country's economy. molly hen
garrett is on the island now. major, what can you tell us about the getaway for the first family. >> reporter: there is a subtle art in covering presidential vacations, you have to sift through every minute detail. we'll show you air force one and first family getting off as they approach the helicopter. i can go faithfully report to you that first dog bow, how he would handle his helicopter ride. he handled in it style. so that detail you can lock it up. it's affirmed that bo loved his helicopter ride. they headed to blue heron farm. secret service loves that its perimeter they can secure. they looked at 40 different places before they agreed on that. it rents for about $35,000 to $50,000 a week and obamas are paying their share. two other leases one for the secret service and white house detail that is traveling with the president. we don't expect to see them very much but basketball, a pool and one hole of golf and bocci ball but it's on the farm as well. >> gregg: you've never lived until you have played bocci ball. >> reporter: it's a fine art. >> gregg: it's pretty funny. i
a clip about one of the toughest exchanges. listen. >> and that is all we get is bull. you can't tell us how are you are going to pay for this. you are saving here and take a little money here and taking money there, but you have no money. >> you are absolutely right. i can't cover another 46 million people quickly. you're right. >> and there were demonstrations in montana from both sides for or against the health care reform proposals. we expect demonstrations from both sides in colorado today. >> what is the latest from republicans on these rowdy townhalls? >> even some of the republicans have faced the crowds under chuck grassley that negotiated on the bipartisan senate bill. the largest of the forums is miss trust of government solutions and the republicans are hammering that message. here is orrin hatch. >> unfortunately the path we are taking in washington right now is spend trillion dollars of tax money to further extend the role of the federal government. >> he says we should have respectful debate but not to stifle the discussion. >> julie: now we want to know what you think. if
child. if you believe this country is great the government health care is taking us in a direction we promised ourselves we never go down again. stand up, come, follow me. >> glenn: hello, america. tonight i ask you to stay with the program. this is not a sound by the program but it will taken out of context and it will be used fearmongering. what i call this is question with boldness. questions that need answers. we must have answers. i am only following the directions of the president of the united states. he told us how to find out what he really believes in. that is exactly what we're going to do in in a couple of minutes we'll talk about the views of obama's soldiers and why it's important to look -- obama's czars but first i wanted to start some places and show you the beginning of and the history of eugenics which means basically creating a master race by discouraging reproduction with people with genetic defects and other undesirable traits. people that are writing their blogs in the basement, we got him now. i'm not saying anything like that at all. eugenics are not coming. e
for us to be able to compete internationally. it's great to see dedicated educators like we have here at central high. [ applause ] nathan's story was the kind of story that i read in letters and heard in town halls all across america. on tuesday i was in new hampshire talking about people denied coverage because of preexisting conditions. yesterday i was in montana talking about people who had their insurance policies suddenly revoked even though they were paying their premiums, just because they got sick. today we're talking about people like nathan and his family who have insurance, but are still stuck with huge bills because they hit a cap on their benefits or are charged exorbitant out of pocket fees. when you hear about these experiences, when you think about the millions of people denied coverage because of preexisting conditions and the thousands who have had their policies canceled because of an illness, countless people like nathan, i want you to remember one thing, there but for the grace of god go i. [ applause ] this is something that sometimes we have forgotten during th
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